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Process Service

Our company specializes in the service of your important legal documents. At Dominion, your firm's needs are paramount. We have introduced a flat-rate fee package to simplify business and serve you better. There are no charges for mileage or travel or extra fees for repeat attempts at service. Process service within Metro Toronto is billed at the low flat rate of $59.50. This includes service to the City of Toronto, Scaborough, North York, York, East York and Etobicoke. Service within the Greater Toronto Area  is only $69.50 . This includes service to Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Thornhill, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa. All affidavits of services are included with this price and we will make up to three attempts at service.

Additional services including rush service, document pick up, skip tracing, stake-out/surveillance on parties attempting to evade service, court filing, photocopying/mailing and notarization of documents/affidavits are reasonably priced and always available on request.

Process Service F.A.Q.

The following has been designed largely for the benefit of private individuals and corporate clients who may be less familiar with the legal support, process service and investigations industries than are those legal professionals whose careers necessitate an in-depth knowledge thereof. These are some of the more common questions we are asked. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here feel free to call us anytime and we would be glad to review your circumstances and answer all of your questions.

Q. What sorts of documents will your company serve?

A. We will serve any document that you have. This includes Family court, Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Criminal Court and all forms of Summonses, Subpoenas. If you have it, we will serve it.

Q. Do I have to know exactly where a person lives and when he will be home for you to serve him? What if I just need to find someone?

A. We have the resources to track people down even if you don't currently know where they are. This is called skip-tracing or locate service We would be happy to assist in locating persons of interest to you.

Q. What are the advantages of using a professional process server?

A. Some of the advantages are practical. The employees of Dominion serve summonses, subpoenas, statements of claim and other legal documents on a daily basis. By retaining the services of a professional process server one avoids the hassle of running all over town, missing work and time with one's family. The employees of Dominion Process Servers are familiar with the tricks and techniques or the trade, and, as such, can handle service of your documents much more efficiently and reliably then a layman could. We serve your documents, draw up the (rather complicated) affidavits, have them notarized for you and can even file them in court for you. 

Other advantages concern your personal safety and security. Handing a summons, subpoena or other court document to an individual can sometimes be a risky undertaking. When one is involved in a lawsuit emotions can run very high. This can be the case with Family Court as well as Civil Court matters. By retaining the services of a professional, one removes the possibility of becoming involved in an altercation or other unwanted incident.  

Lastly, there are legal benefits to retaining a professional process server. As professional process servers, we are intimately familiar with the legal requirements of the jurisdictions in which we work. There are many misconceptions about what constitutes 'being served'. The law in this area is quite convoluted and we have had several clients come to us requesting service after they had been unexpectedly informed by a judge or court clerk that they steps they had taken to 'serve' someone did not meet the legal requirements of 'serving'. With our specialized knowledge you can rest assured that the results of your efforts will be legally binding - the person served will be legally compelled to attend court - if they do not then you will be well positioned to pursue a judgment in absentia.

Q. Does your company serve documents on persons residing outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

A. We can arrange to have your documents served anywhere in Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and worldwide. Call us for a competitive quote and more information.

Q. How do I get my documents to you?

A. You can send them to us by post or courier, you can drop them off to us or we can arrange to pick them up. Which ever method you prefer is fine. Call us to make arrangements.

Q. Can I recover the costs of your services in court from a defendant?

A. Usually you can. If you win a judgment in civil or small claims court you may very well be able to include costs associated with serving parties to the claim. We will provide you with a receipt for this purpose and usually include costs in our affidavits of service.

Q. What is an affidavit of service?

A. An affidavit of service is a legal document completed by your process server outlining where, when and on whom the documents, summonses etc. were served. The affidavit is sworn before and signed by a lawyer, notary public, justice of the peace or commissioner of oaths. Affidavits of service must be completed properly, signed and filed in court before the court will acknowledge that a given person has been served and must therefore attend court. An affidavit of service is a necessity.

Q. Does your company serve documents originating outside the province of Ontario?

A. We receive requests for service from lawyers, corporations and private citizens across North America and around the world. We would be delighted to serve your documents and are able to complete affidavits that will meet the needs of the court in your jurisdiction. Such affidavits will always be sworn before a Notary Public in and for the Province of Ontario so as to ensure that they are accepted by your court.